Welcome to the Fashionista Yogi Community

My mission here is to build a community of like minded Fashionista Yogi warriors that show support & share together without judgement.

With an open heart and mind, we share our journeys with each other. As Fashionista Yogis, we are stronger together than we are alone. We take control and design our own lives from the inside out.

A true Fashionista Yogi puts health and wellness and of course, FASHION and self-expression at the forefront of our life goals. Reading this, you may find that you are already a Fashionista Yogi and you were just waiting to find our community of love and learning to get to that next step!

I want to invite you into to my story as it continues to evolve. From a yoga teacher back to a student, from a woman full of knowledge to a woman full of question.

We welcome every setback in life as an opportunity. A chance to grow, to feel empowered, to be capable and full of knowledge. Have solace in knowing that you are not alone in your struggles. Join us, have hope and share to grow. Namaste.